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Scott/Amber - Tease - One shot

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Author's note:


Alright, a bit M this short fiction is, but the sexual tension between Scott and Amber is just that much from my POV, okay? I know they're bros and innocent fun in What the Pineapple, but they are my muse this way.

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Half of the day is done, so you’re out in your usual spot behind parked cars, puffing smoke and inhaling chemicals you’re not really sure you should be inviting to your body at such age. You sport a jacket despite the sun glaring outside. It’s convenient as a hide-away for your stash anyway, and what better fashion to look cool despite a preschool uniform.

A bit later, your watch bids you to go down; time to finish half of the day undone.
You step into the fire exit.

Most people would opt for the elevator for ease of transport, but you’d rather be alone going down the stairs. Patience is not your best feature when you have to wait and be idle for a small box full of strangers for help, so you consider the option somewhat of a blessing.

That is, if you have never found the place a bit eerie.

Perhaps a coincidence or not, you’re always alone going down the flight of stairs. Designed for the purpose of escape, the space allows you to see from different angles clearly; top floor to ground. Nothing strange for a fire exit; all buildings have one, and they are designed alike.

Well, they should be.

However, the criss-crossed structure of the up and down stairs has been a cause of wary for you ever since. It’s not that strange by fire exit standards (maybe), but it has always amused your imagination. You can easily imagine being the main character of a Twilight Zone episode in it. So despite your appreciation to creativity, you’d rather be on autopilot now.

You round the place with your eyes before moving down the steep staircase. Every step on pavement echoes the walls through the high ceiling like a pinball minus the winning streak and the cheers. Without the usual plug of music in your head, you’re stuck in the mercy of the silence and vibration. It’s a bit too quiet in the background, and those steps, even if it’s your feet making sounds in the foreground, are unnerving. You can’t help but shiver a bit. 

After a while, you slow down to check the wall ahead. The sign says “3”, bold and red on the wall. Two more flights down and you’re out of there.

As you continue your descend, somehow, the stairs going up seems to beg your eyes. You slowly halt your steps, curiosity steps in.

There’s a figure. There was a figure moving along with you. You just noticed now.
It seems to be looking at you now, but you’re not so sure.

It could be someone whom was caught by your presence, the way you’ve caught theirs. Usually, you’d be the snobbish one and would wait to be called, but it might be someone you know considering you’re picking up shade of the same uniform. You’re quite okay with your co-workers. In fact, you’re quite the friendly one there, so there’s no way they wouldn’t call you when seen.

In that moment you remember the saying about curiosity killing cats. You’re more associated to a St. Bernard, but it just didn’t matter so much when you finally looked to the direction of the figure.

Oh, you shouldn’t have, really.
You could’ve played snob.
You should’ve just sprinted your way down mindlessly.
You could’ve missed it should you have been patient waiting for the secured, enclosed space with strangers.
Surely, strangers seem to be better than what you’re staring at now.\

It is out of this world.

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Just a litte something I've written because of an image I've had in our building's fire exit. That place creeps the heck out of me, but I was able to produce this. *shrug* Still waking up my dormant writing skills, so please forgive.

At least I'm writing, somehow. *happy*
carpe diem


Droplets of water slide
    hesitantly, carefully
    through the creases on his fingers

    gentle hands firmly grasping the glass
    the temperature rising
    his to mine

My heart on the throes of the earth
    the warmth building
    the memories flashing
    the fantasies burning

an embrace
morning dews and soft duvet
dangled feet
lingering hand on patches of skin
feather kisses
lazy gazes
tangled souls

and everytime the image ends
with time standing still
the giggles, the rustling sheets fading to silence

echoes of a thousand droplets form a melody in my head

Timid, I look at him with awe
with embarassment
with shame

The mask that I wear, ready to let go any minute

"Let go"
Let it go

I want to
I want to
I want to

He finally looks at me,
this friend,
my clandestine
my love

this feeling

but it will sit there

years of sadness
cradled in a smile
droplets of water slides between my fingers

It's supposed to be Nao/Shin because I saw a tweet of Nao saying he met Shinpei and they had some drinks! Finally! These two ought to be together more often! PLAYERS, please! Do play for us!

And yep, I do suck at writing now. Shaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

Nonetheless, I love the fact that Nao/Shin can still get me writing. :)

Nao x Shin - Summer love - oneshot

Title: Summer love
Chapter: oneshot
Pairing: Nao x Shin (Kagrra, / PLAYERS)
Genre: fluff
Rating: G
Warning: none.
Summary: It was heat, kimchi and Nao in front of Shin one random summer day.
Notes: It's been a while since I last wrote a Kagrra, fic, so here's one. My writing is kinda rusty now but whattheheck. Happy birthday, Shinpei! And dedicated to angelicoma too, for her birthday!

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Rest in Peace, Isshi.

You would have loved summer for it's comforting warmth.
I would imagine you basking in the rays of it with glory, a smile on your face,
your beloved guitar in hand, humming an unknown melody,
yet ever connected
to earth, air, water, and fire.

You would have loved autumn for all the colors it brings,
your hands, ever so careful with every stroke of the brush,
raven-colored ink fills the space and corners of a once purely white paper.
You would have recited a poem in glory of these colors,
a cup of hot green tea, sitting beside your kimono.

You would have loved winter for the elegance of white all around the city.
The crisp, cold winter morning air seeping through your bones, leaving them frozen despite being hidden under your pockets.
But your mind would always soar to an image of a lonesome pair trapped in the ancient period
you have treasured so much.
Your stories might have brighten many pages of your notebooks by then.
Chilling as they maybe, they were creations you have always found happiness to share to people,
exploring a truth of human nature, one story at a time.

And of course you would have loved the following spring,
a bloom of flowers here and there.
You would have loved the glow and vibrancy of those small creations of nature
despite the imploring urge to sneeze because of pollen.

You have carried the symbol of the cherry blossom with pride to the people you have touched,
and now,
you have become one.

A beautiful cherry blossom tree that had bloomed and faded in time,
yet never forgotten, or will ever be.

Thank you for everything, Isshi.

For the music, the encouragements, your words, your warm smile.

Rest in Peace.
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